How to farm 2yfi 2.0 with unlimited apy% / days

3 min readFeb 13, 2021

The first thing that is needed is a browser that has metamask installed. And 2YFI 2.0 tokens of course, you can buy or if you have 2YFI you can migrate to 2YFI 2.0. After that open .

Select the stake and farm menu.

Connect your metamask wallet with our website.

Enter how many tokens you will farm. Here we give an example with 100 2YFI and select send bank button. This action will save your token in our BANK. You can withdraw it at any time.

A metamask popup window will open, please select confirm.

The second metamask popup window will appear and please confirm again. Ignoring the alert message will not affect your transaction. Choose the appropriate gas price.

Wait a few moments, a transaction message will appear that has been confirmed twice because you made the transaction twice. That means your transaction has been successful. Please refresh your page.

After that you will see your token is in our BANK. You can see it on the bank balance. Here you are actually freed whether to do farming or staking. Now we are doing farming. Farming 2YFI 2.0 is very easy, all you have to do is select the CLAIM 1: 1 farming rewards button and you will get USDt tokens with a ratio of 1: 1. If your bank balance is 100 then each of you CLAIM rewards farming will get 100 USDt.

A metamask popup window will appear, determine the gas price and please select confirm.

Wait a few moments a confirmed message will appear. Please refresh your page.

And you get 100 USDt from just one CLAIM. And you can do this continuously, this is what we call unlimited apy% / days, you determine your own apy. If in one day you do CLAIM farm 10 times, then you get 1000 USDt.

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