Open liqudity 2yfi v1 for rewards farm

Feb 11, 2021


We will open 2yfi 1.0 liquidity at the date of 27/09/2021.

And we will use the funds as a rewards farm (liquidity USD token

2yfi 1.0 owners can migrate to 2yfi 2.0 with the same composition 1: 1.

The update on 2yfi 2.0 is to have farming and staking with unlimited apy% / days. apy is determined by the farmer.

Tokenomic 2yfi 2.0:

Total supply : 30.000

Lock on farm and staking contract : 18.000 And can only be retrieved through the staking mechanism.

Circulating supply : 12.000

symbol : 2YFI

Decimals : 18

Website :

Listing : Uniswap , ySwap

We will conduct a migration and sales session of 2yfi 2.0.

Note :

The liquidity value can change at any time.

Most farmers doing farm work will get the biggest share of liquidity.